Modo Videos…

Well, I managed to get Modo 302 installed and running last night. I then “fired up” the training videos and re-discovered something that I had forgotten, which is;  I really don’t like trying to learn something from videos, especially those videos that I have to play on my computer. If I could pop the videos into my DVD player and play it along side my computer monitor, that would be one thing, but when it has to play on my computer – unless I had two monitors side-by-side, which I don’t – then I must tab back and forth between the video and the application… Don’t get me wrong, the videos are really nicely done, and quiet inspiring, but for some reason (maybe it’s my age) I just prefer a good old fashioned, hard copy – MANUAL that I can prop open across my lap and follow as I stumble my way through the learning process…

Now, having said that… Modo does come with a nice 429 page manual (in PDF format) that I did print out and bind. The problem here however is that the provided manual seems to be much more “technical” oriented, with not many (if any) “how-to” areas….. And keep in mind that I am 3D savvy when it comes to modeling and the terminology used… In other words, I know how to model objects, I’ve been doing it for years; I just need to know how to use Modo to model objects!!! >sigh<

Anyway, I just logged off from Amazon where I ordered “The Official Luxology modo Guide” according to Amazons customer ratings – it should be a good add to my collection. (hopefully!!!)


  1. Thanks Dan!
    Actually, I purchased your older book for Modo version 201/202 – thinking that the majority of the book would still be applicable to version 302! And so far – so good too!! Nice job BTW!! I’m only up to chapter 5 but have learned quite a bit already!! I feel it was money well spent on my part!

    I’ll probably pickup the 302 version after it is released! Thanks again!

    Gary Evans

  2. Hey!
    Thanks for buying my book. It should be out in just a few weeks!

    Dan Ablan