Hello! My name is Gary Evans, and this is my blog site – Grafx3D !

I live in the United States of America, New York State to be more specific, and I like to model and create 3D renderings. I’m also an amateur photographer and enjoy getting outside and snapping pictures of things that I find interesting. And lastly, I’m also a webmaster and I maintain a dozen or so websites for individuals and medium sized companies alike. I’m a huge fan of 3D rendering, photography, and digital art in general.

My 3D journey began with VistaPro on an Amiga 1000 computer, many many MANY years ago, and after many twists and turns, my journey has taken me to a level that – now looking back – I would have then never dreamed or imagined possible. The software and hardware has made this all possible, and I’m thankful to have experienced this fascinating field pretty much from the beginning. That statement alone should make it evident that I’m no longer a teenager; actually I’m now just past the half-century mile marker!!! (Wow – where did the years go, and why do they continue to go faster and faster as each one passes by??)

In the future I hope to add some tutorials on all these subjects . In the meantime, stop by my rendering gallery and take a look at some of my renderings, and here’s a link to my photography gallery as well!  Hope you enjoy your stay!!

My current selection of software includes:

  • Carrara 8 Pro
  • Poser 7
  • Vue 10 Infinite
  • ZBrush 4.0
  • Modo 601
  • Messiah Studio
  • Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection
  • Adobe Lightroom 4

My Camera gear includes:

  • Nikon D300 and D800 Digital SLR
  • Nikor 28-300mm Zoom Lens
  • Sigma 50-500mm Zoom Lens